Four technical reports have been produced in the HOMSHIP project (relating to Tasks 2, 3, 4 and 5) and they are available upon request. Dissemination activities, with a listing of papers produced so far, are described below in the report of Task 1.

Task 1: Dissemination activities 

Task 2: Fundamentals of stochastically perturbed homoclinic/heteroclinic events

Objective: To improve fundamental understanding about homoclinic/heteroclinic phenomena associated with ship dynamic behaviour.

Task 3: Beam-sea rolling with coupled granular flow

Objective: Theoretical and experimental investigation of cargo shift and its effect on capsizability on the basis of a coupled ship/granular material system under realistic excitations.

Task 4: Surf-riding in irregular seas

Objective: Adaptation/reformulation, of the surf-riding theory in probabilistic context.

Task 5: Course-keeping instabilities in wind

Objective: To consider how the two identified homoclinic phenomena occurring under steady wind loading could appear for a more realistically modelled wind